Trading & Engineering Co. (MTEC)

MTEC Coastal Hydraulics

MTEC Coastal Hydraulics is a well established arm of Al Mustafawi Trading & Engineering Co. W.L.L. offering specialized services in the field of Hydrographic Surveys. This has been achieved in partnership with Coastal Consulting and Exploration s.r.l. an Italian company, which has been carrying out hydrographic surveys all over the world including Qatar. The strength of organization and staff, founded on the reputation for a commitment to excellence, has enabled MTEC Coastal Hydraulics to grow and become a reorganized hydrographic survey company to provide marine surveys and other oceanographic services in the State of Qatar, including Bathymetric, Geophysical, cable and pipeline route surveys to name a few. All necessary infrastructure including the sophisticated equipments are now based in Qatar and can be easily mobilized including a dedicated survey vessel “AL BURQAN” which has been acquired by MTEC.We bring the outstanding professional approach, planning and execution skills to each and every project, large or small. Our professional surveyors perform to the highest standards of the profession, utilizing the state-of-art ocean technology.We have now completed some very prestigious marine surveys in the state of Qatar.

Bathymetric Survey

High end Bathymetric Surveys using state of the art equipment and latest software for data processing creating 3D images, shaded relief images & depths with multi beam or single beam echo sounder.

Morphological surveys

Morphological surveys performed with side –scan sonar using latest technologies in determining the morphological features of the sea bottom

Sratigraphic Survey

Using high end equipment a stratigraphic profile- reflection seismic profile is created to delineate the various strata of the seafloor with Sub Bottom Profiler and / or sparker

Meteomarine Studies

Various types of hydrodynamic modeling studies including current profiles, waves and tides studies, meteorological observations and a few environmental studies are undertaken – both short term and long term

Magneto Metric Survey

A sophisticated magneto meter survey is performed to detect buried cables & pipelines and other objects.

Underwater Video and Instrument Inspection

With Submarine gravity camera and R.O.V ( Remote Operated Vehicle) : Video inspection of sea bottom both for environmental as well as status surveys are performed